Our email gets extremely flooded, so this is a friendly reminder that if your emailing for an order update, your order is being made and it does take time due to high volume of orders as we only have a 2 person team :)

 How long will it take for my Jewelry to come?

Since each piece is carefully handmade, Please allow 5-14 business days for your order to be processed, as we experience a high volume of orders. Can slightly vary depending on volume of orders. If we have a much higher volume unexpectedly, processing time might take longer.

Please bare with us with this, we understand you want your order, and are working day and night to get them shipped out as fast as possible.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide. 

Order changes:

We do not accept size or item changes once your order is placed. 

Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, we can cancel it as long as your order has not been shipped yet! Email us to cancel with your order number, and your refund should be processed within 10 business days. Cancellations are not guaranteed as we may not get to your email before it's shipped, or some orders may have already started being made.

I didn’t get anymore emails about my order?

You will only get another email after your order has been shipped. If you haven’t got an email, your order has not been shipped yet and it still being worked on.

I didn’t get a confirmation email?

If you didn't get a confirmation email, please check your spam and junk folder in your email. In some cases, order confirmation emails don’t always go through to some emails. Not to worry! We still received your order. Everything is all good and it will start being worked on a soon as possible. You will get a shipping email when your order has shipped.

Jewelry Care:

For the best care, please avoid sleeping, wetting, excess sweat, moisture and chemicals with your jewelry. This will keep the quality preserved for a longer time, and can last up to years. Most of our jewelry will hold up well in water, but after a while, wearing it in water everyday does put excessive wear and tear on the pieces causing premature fading.

What material is the jewelry made out of?

Most jewelry pieces has it’s material in the product description. Our jewelry mainly consists of either stainless steel, 24k gold filled, or gold plated. Our chains are made of gold plated stainless steel. These are both one of the best quality materials for jewelry while also allowing it to be affordable but tarnish-free for months.

If your jewelry does tarnish quicker than usual, most of the time it is because of certain skin types that cause a chemical reaction to the jewelry, or because of over excessive wear and tear, which is why we recommend to take good care of your pieces.

As everyone's skin reacts differently to different metals, it is not our responsibility to return or exchange your item.

If you experience any irritation to our jewelry pieces, discontinue use.

For the best care, avoid water, moisture, and sleeping with your jewelry will preserve its longevity.



Package lost in mail?:

JadedBeautyCo is not responsible for packages after they have been shipped out. If you suspect your package was lost, stolen, or delayed, please contact USPS as soon as possible. Refunds of any kind will not be issued.


What if I put the wrong address?

 If you put the incorrect address, contact us within 24 hours. We will do our best to change the address if your order has not been fulfilled yet, but the change is not guaranteed.

If we did not get to change your address, we are not responsible and refunds will not be issued. Make sure to double check the address placed.


Package returned to sender?

If your package was returned to us, you will be responsible to email us for it to be sent again or refunded. An invoice will be emailed to you for send back shipping costs.

If you choose not to have your order sent back to you, you WILL NOT be refunded for shipping costs.


We do not accept exchanges, refunds, or returns for any of our items.




Nail Sets

Q: Can you reuse them?
- Yes, You can also customize their shape, buff & file them to make them shorter or fit better if the nail is a bit large when you get them!

Q: What comes with my nail purchase?
-Nail glue, buffer, alcohol wipe & Cuticle pusher.

Q: How long do they last?
- On average 2 weeks depending on how well you prep your nails!

Q: How to remove?
-- Soak nails in warm water and oils for 15+ mins, then apply oils around nails to help loosen the glue. Press on the very front tip of the nail to push it off. If this is uncomfortable you might need to soak longer.

Q: How to apply?

  1. Wash & dry hands
  2. Gently push back cuticles with wooden cuticle pusher included
  3. File your natural nails down
  4. Buff natural nails with included nail buffer
  5. Wipe natural nails with included alcohol wipe
  6. Glue nails on by pressing down for 15-30 seconds, and then avoid water for the next hour :)

Q: Do you take returns?:
- Not at the moment.

Q: Do you do custom nails?:
- Not at the moment but will be soon.

Q: How do I know my size?
- Purchase a size kit for easy sizing or View the sizing guide down below